An Honest Cop

Michael Shawn
Michael Shawn

From hearing network news stories to listening to YouTube, there are a lot of us that are growing sick and tired of the continual campaign to discredit our everyday working police officers.  Referring to them as lying, belligerent tyrants, there seems to be a generation of viewers that are being sold on what they are seeing.

Just one problem though … if you sit at home and just watch the media, you can get bent in the wrong direction on a number of issues.  Our nation’s outcry to defund and/or eliminate police presence in our communities is creating, right before our eyes, a number of nightmarish scenarios.  But here’s what we at the Free Range Texan know, along with a whole lot of others …  typically there are so many of our media outlets that have sold their soul by ignoring the vast majority of professional peace officers of one type or another and not ever focusing on the fact that most of these men and women are assets to our communities.  These first responders really do protect and serve our way of life.

At the Free Range Texan, we decided that we wanted to shine our light on that type of law enforcement professional, and remind our listeners that there is a “rest of the story.”  Officer Chris Mitchell of the Lubbock, Texas Police Department is a solid answer to the type of working policeman that day-in and day-out continually sets such an example.  Thank you Chris for taking your own time to show up in our studio for this interview.  Officer Chris Mitchell is not a public relations trained police department spokesman.  He is just a regular example of one of those guys that wears the badge and does his job, understanding that the job requires him to be held to a higher standard.

Lubbock Police Officer Chris MitchellThanks again, Chris, for donating your time and reminding us that the men and women behind the wheel in those patrol vehicles are more often deserving of our appreciation and respect.

Free Range Texan Podcast Episode 65

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