Andy Wilkinson Returns

Michael Shawn
Michael Shawn

He’s back!  The thing about knowing an artist like Andy Wilkinson is that there is always the next Andy Wilkinson song you want to bring to the podcast.  And this time we’re bringing “Texas When Texas Was Free.”

Free Range Texan Talent File Andy WilkinsonAdditionally, Andy was kind enough to talk about one of his other passions in life.  He is an Artist in Residence and spends his days among other things working closely with the Southwest Collection at Texas Tech University.  I asked Andy to explains a little bit (for the folks who may not know) about this remarkable archive.

Free Range Talent File Andy WilkinsonAndy Wilkinson is one of those fine Texas gentlemen that instead of getting older just gets richer with age here on the Llano Estacado.  We are so glad he came aboard the Free Range Texan for another visit so that we can share some more of our friend Andy Wilkinson.

Free Range Texan Episode 31 Andy Wilkinson

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