Holy Smoke, Who Knew He Could Sing

Imagine how we were all amazed when in midstream on Episode 17, he turns into a Blues Singer (term used loosely).  Well … the only one we had at the moment anyway.  We haven’t said much to Michael Shawn about the entire affair, we don’t want him to start acting like “talent”, getting sensitive and all.  Episode 17 begins a season of premier announcements for things to come on our Free Range Texan podcast.  Word on the street is the Free Range Texan network is looking for a new roving reporter personality.  We’re certain Michael Shawn will shine more light on this subject soon.

Who Knew Michael Shawn Could Dance?

Episode 15 of our Free Range Texan Podcast openly admits the existence of a canine super hero heretofore left in the background of our production.  Apparently there is no longer any keeping of “Foxy the Wonder Dog” a secret.

Big thanks to Daniel Jones for bringing us up to date.  We freely admit that technical problems occurred with Daniel’s interview and there are parts of the podcast on that account that require you to listen harder because Daniel was on the road and away from any of our digital recording devices.  Honestly, folks we will take steps to improve all of that in the future.

We left Michael Shawn alone to create his campfire segment, and when that happens you can count on the fact that his heart for Texas generally takes over the conversation.  Thank you Michael …. good info.

Free Range Texan Episode 15Oh, yes, and the last thing we want to mention is that this is the first of our podcasts that our host actually opened and closed the show break dancing for our audience … Is there no end to Michael Shawn’s talent?  If you haven’t heard Episode 15, we suggest you climb aboard.


Foxy The Wonder Dog

Michael Shawn
Michael Shawn

I have a bone to pick with this critter that follows me around.  This week at the Free Range Texan website, coming in on our info@freerangetexan.net e-mail address, Foxy the Wonder Dog, after a brief appearance on our podcast, got a higher number of listener responses than I did!  That’s right, fellow Free Rangers, I have been outdone by my german shepherd shadow.  It has also been suggested by more than just a few, that we put up a picture or two or three of this sensational sidekick, loving referred to as Foxy.  She is a little over two years old and she has followed me around since she was a little ball of fur.

Foxy the Wonder DogStarting with the early days, it would be fair to say that she was equally never dull and not exactly well-mannered.  She had a tremendously hard time distinguishing between her dog food bowl and my sandwich.

Foxy the Wonder DobAs the weeks and months rolled by, she began to act less like an out-of-control puppy, too cute for her own good, and more like the sharp, better mannered watch dog that we knew she could become.  But, not before she managed to chew her way through more than one of the closets in our home.

Foxy the Wonder DogAnd while the jury was out for a time, it’s pretty unanimous now around our outfit that Foxy the Wonder Dog is now a permanent member of the family.  Wondering when we’re going to eat next, enjoying attention, and being insatiably curious about anything new, I would say she fits right in.

Foxy the Wonder Dob

A-Team PR’s Studio A Gains Notoriety

People who are successful in the public relations industry agree that a good agency operates seamlessly behind the scenes working on their client’s behalf.  While the owners and creative personnel at A-Team PR have operated in media and public relations for decades, A-Team PR itself is a brand new public relations and strategic media planning business that in many ways has rewritten the operations manual for today’s advertising companies.  In today’s new world of marketing and imaging clients’ businesses, newly formed and elegant ways of promotion are changing the industry with more efficient processes.  All of this leads to better production, better creativity, better market research, and more bang for the buck for clients.  It is a new and exciting world, and podcasting is the new step-child wave that summits the mountain that is today’s entertainment / information explosion.  Traditional media is pounding the pavement hard to keep up.


Free Range Texan Episode 13

Cowboy Coffee and UFOs … Just Another Day At The Office for Michael Shawn

Episode 12 starts out with a fantasy parachute jump that gets a bit real before it’s over.  Michael Shawn continues his love affair with caffeine, and cryptozoology investigator Daniel Jones shares thoughts and true stories about actual UFO incidents in the Lone Star state.  Be sure and join our Free Range Texan podcast Episode 12, rolling out on February 3rd.  P.S.:  The rumors are true,  A-Team PR’s Studio A seems to have been visited by alien life forms during the making of Episode 12 …. really!

Our Podcast Blog

Well I guess I don’t have to tell you folks much about our blog, seeing as how if you’re reading this, you’re already on it.  Here’s the trick … we have a tradition of posting our social media banners on our blog.  However, WordPress requires us to post a banner by including it in an article.  So, for our loyal blog readers, I’ll give you this juicy bit of behind the scenes sneek peak information.  It is now way past dark thirty on a Thursday night, I am looking across the desk at my sleepy-eyed, tired, and remarkably cute when she’s cranky wife, Kathy.  She is wondering just exactly how much more midnight oil are we going to burn this fine evening.

The Free Range Texan Podcast Blog

With any luck, I will wake up on a cool, crisp, West Texas Friday morning a few short hours from now and my darling bride will stumble in the kitchen and make some fresh hot cowboy coffee for the two of us.  All the while wondering if we’re going to do the same gall-durn thing on Friday night as well.  Love ya’ll later.Menu

Flying Dinosaurs in Texas

Episode 9 carries with it the traditional amount of unique tales of Texas, including a Heroes and Heroines File, entitled “Charlie War Eagle”.  Our Unexplained Files have discovered a growing number of people that claim to have seen actual, long thought extinct, Pterodactyl creatures flying over the Plains of West Texas.  Before you refuse to except this phenomena as real, you should listen to what Joe Taylor, the curator of the Mount Blanco Fossil Museum, has to say about these sightings.

Flyiing dinosaurs in Texas





Free Range Texan Podcast Listeners Are Just About Everywhere !!!

We sent the word out that we wanted our listeners to be on the Free Range Texan blog.  And here they came.  We love y’all !

Send your snapshot along with your location and your name (name optional), but if you don’t send your name, our staff is fond of making up names for you …. just saying. Send it all to info@FreeRangeTexan.net and let us show the world you’re there.  Thanks for listening.

Podcast listener
Samuel Burns, Calgary, Canada
Podcast listeners
Donna and Jack Wise, Klamath Falls, Oregon
Podcast listened
Kelli & Snowman, Texas Tech University





John Sanders
John Sanders, Snyder, Texas









Free Range Texan Listeners Leslie & Lesa Reed
Leslie & Lesa Reed, Ransom Canyon, Texas
Carla & Steve Knippa, Leander, Texas
Free Range Texan Podcast Listener Mariah & Foxy
Mariah & Foxy, Lubbock, Texas


Free Range Texan Listener Bob Stoll
Open Range Wyomingite Bob Stoll
Free Range Texan Alien Listeners
Larry, Darrell and Darrell-way way out yonder
Free Range Texan Listener Possee
Cody, Fayetteville, Arkansas



Free Range Texan Listener Possee Zachariah McCarter
Zachariah McCarter, Snyder, Texas





Free Range Texan Listener Posse Joanne Cooper
Joanne Cooper, Johannesburg, South Africa











Free Range Texan Listener Posse Stan Troy
Stan Troy
Free Range Texan Listener Posse Cris & Jesika Mitchull
Cris & Jesika Mitchull










Free Range Texan Listener Posse Carole Rosiak
Carole Rosiak, Tylers, South Carolina


Free Range Texan Listener Possee Mike Reddell
Mike Reddell, Lubbock, Texas






Free Range Texan Listener Possee Dona Faulkner
Dona Faulkner, Weatherford, Texas
Free Range Texan Listener Posse Junior Puente
Juniior Puente, Lubbock, Texas






Free Range Texan Listener Possee Klattenhoffs
Andy and Shirley Klattenhoff, Slaton, Texas

Worldwide Response Noted on FreeRangeTexan.net

MenuI am a born and raised Texan.  I grew up in West Texas with a bunch of folks who were in many ways very similar to one another.  When I was a young student at Monterey High School in Lubbock, Texas, I was already broadcasting on a local radio station.  If you had told me that technology would allow people to podcast around the world with listeners in most of the countries on earth, I simply would not have believed you.  We certainly live in a remarkable time.

Michael Shawn 1974
Michael Shawn 1974

If you are reading this blog and/or you listen to our Free Range Texan podcast, let me give you some inside information that will not actually be mentioned on our podcast until Episode 9 (yes Virginia … we actually plan that far ahead.)  Whoever you are, wherever you’re from, we would like to welcome you to the family here on our blog.

Free Range Texan World Response Map
Free Range Texan World Response Map as of 11/27/18

Here’s how it works … if you will use our e-mail address (info@freerangetexan.net) and send in a picture of yourself (maybe even your family), tell us your name and where you’re from, then don’t be surprised when you are chosen to appear here in Texas, the USA, and around the world on our Free Range Texan blog.  For your efforts for now, we will just be welcoming you to our Free Range Texan family.  We are so new that some of the things planned in our future have not arrived yet … like T-shirts, coffee mugs, caps, etc.  I bring that up only because we are currently thinking of special ways to welcome so many of you to our family.  So, go ahead …. send ’em in.  We look forward to meeting you.  See y’all in the next Episode!

Don’t Be Scared

MenuFree Range Texan podcast Episode 7, among other things, deals with eyewitness accounts of the creatures known as “Mothman”.  If you’re like me, you have heard this tale, but usually it’s up in the northeastern United States.  In the last 30 days, our investigators have uncovered no less than three separate Texas-based experiences with the same type of creature described as “Mothman”.  Honestly, how many things are there out there in our world that we as yet do not acknowledge their existence?  In upcoming episodes we will visit with individuals who believe that there are Pterodectyl creatures existing still today on earth.  And for a long time everyone thought that the Chupacabra beast was probably a myth.  But, now we know that it is real, and in upcoming episodes we’ll show you evidence.  Texas and the world beyond is an amazing place.  And, we here at Free Range Texan are just getting started.  Episode 7 is not to be missed.