Free Range Texan Facebook Page on Lock Out

If the sun comes up in the morning and we are still unable to access our own Free Range Texan Facebook page, it will be day four of a discouraging experience. For the record, Mark Zuckerberg is not returning our calls.

Free Range Texan Podcast Facebook Page

So, in fact, there is a reason why things have been sort of quiet at the Free Range Texan Facebook page. Experience dictates that this too will all work out in time, and when it does, we’ll have a bunch of good postings waiting in line to appear. And yes, Michael Shawn is “fit to be tied”!

UPDATE:  January 22, 2019    Thankfully our Facebook page is back under our control!


We Are Thankful That Michael Shawn is On-Board

We think it is clear that anyone who delves into the back office on the Free Range Texan podcast quickly sees that our podcast is produced in house at A-Team PR.  But anyone at A-Team PR will admit that the key element in the program’s production continually flows from the heart and mind of its host, Michael Shawn.  It is his skill as a voice over talent/actor that so often brings what is needed to the creative services involved in the various segments of the Free Range Texan podcast.

We will admit that we learned early on that you can’t keep a talent like Michael Shawn pinned up in a corral somewhere.  Instead, that Free Range Texan spirit does involve him in a number of endeavors.  While his voice over capabilities are seeing a greater and greater demand, he remains committed to the time and energy he commits to producing our bi-weekly podcast.

We are pleased to have him producing his voice over work in A-Team PR’s Studio A where he seems to be quite at home.  We appreciate you listening to our podcast.Menu