Free Range Texan Podcast Listeners Are Just About Everywhere !!!

We sent the word out that we wanted our listeners to be on the Free Range Texan blog.  And here they came.  We love y’all !

Send your snapshot along with your location and your name (name optional), but if you don’t send your name, our staff is fond of making up names for you …. just saying. Send it all to and let us show the world you’re there.  Thanks for listening.

Podcast listener
Samuel Burns, Calgary, Canada
Podcast listeners
Donna and Jack Wise, Klamath Falls, Oregon
Podcast listened
Kelli & Snowman, Texas Tech University





John Sanders
John Sanders, Snyder, Texas









Free Range Texan Listeners Leslie & Lesa Reed
Leslie & Lesa Reed, Ransom Canyon, Texas
Carla & Steve Knippa, Leander, Texas
Free Range Texan Podcast Listener Mariah & Foxy
Mariah & Foxy, Lubbock, Texas


Free Range Texan Listener Bob Stoll
Open Range Wyomingite Bob Stoll
Free Range Texan Alien Listeners
Larry, Darrell and Darrell-way way out yonder
Free Range Texan Listener Possee
Cody, Fayetteville, Arkansas



Free Range Texan Listener Possee Zachariah McCarter
Zachariah McCarter, Snyder, Texas





Free Range Texan Listener Posse Joanne Cooper
Joanne Cooper, Johannesburg, South Africa











Free Range Texan Listener Posse Stan Troy
Stan Troy
Free Range Texan Listener Posse Cris & Jesika Mitchull
Cris & Jesika Mitchull









Free Range Texan Listener Possee Dona Faulkner
Dona Faulkner, Weatherford, Texas
Free Range Texan Listener Possee Mike Reddell
Mike Reddell, Lubbock, Texas

Roger Dykes – A Certain Kind of Hero


By Episode 3 we were still experimenting with our format, not to mention our remote digital recording gear, when we suddenly realized that a Hero was living right in front of us.  While I have known Roger since I was a young teenage radio announcer, and he owned and ran the best record store in the county, I feel as though I have for decades taken him for granted.

While he has lived his entire life with cerebral-palsy, his mind, his heart and his personality seemed to make ones brain overlook that he was confined to a wheelchair.  I am proud to say that he is my friend, and his Roger Dykesaccomplishments are to say the least impressive.  He occupies the lead position in our “Heroes and Heroines File”.

A longer more detailed version of the interview is available on the Free Range Texan YouTube Channel.  He still is working on behalf of cerebral-palsy sufferers throughout the United States.  As always, if you wish to communicate with Roger you’re welcome to contact him through