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Michael Shawn
Michael Shawn

At the Free Range Texan we always have a number of stories simmering on the back burner.  Projects that for one reason or another have not completely developed yet.  Episode 49 is where a number of plans came together.

A visit with Joe Taylor at Mount Blanco Fossil Museum is always a treat.  It is fair to say that generally Joe is unknown to so many people here at home while he is famously respected around the world for his paleontology and archaeological digs as well as working with a number of research teams on remarkable projects usually on things thousands of years old and dug up out of the ground.

Joe Taylor Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum
Joe Taylor

We visit with our old friend Roger Dykes, who was in his younger years quite the entertainer.  And we give you (our listeners) just a snippet of his new podcast.  It’s fun and it carries a message.

Roger Dykes
Roger Dykes

Michael Shawn’s Campfire has really been on a roll in 2020, getting longer and more elaborate.  The production value in the area of “theatre of the mind” has slowly continued to increase.  Producing the Campfire has become one of our favorite parts of the Free Range Texan project, and Episode 49 is no exception.  Enjoy!

Free Range Texan Episode 49


Bill Lee Returns

Michael Shawn
Michael Shawn

Free Range Texan Episode 20 was the last time we heard from our friend and polished broadcast/podcast host, talking about his 20 years of investigative work concerning the creatures we call Sasquatch.

Bill Lee

Episode 40 is an extended play version of our podcast because our guest, Bill Lee, brings a number of thought provoking, verified instances which most of our listeners have yet to hear about the Big Foot phenomenon.  Bill’s contacts with actual, credible Big Foot witnesses, take us further up the trail of Sasquatch understanding than we have ever traveled before.  Bill recommends these links:  BigFootEncounters.com and BigFootSounds.com. Also, Bill has a web site that promotes his voice-over talent.  That site is: BillLee.net.

Our advice is to simply keep an open mind as you journey through the Free Range Texan Episode 40.


Our Guest, Bill Lee, Dives Deeper Into Sasquatch Creatures

Michael Shawn
Michael Shawn

Believe or don’t believe.  But be aware of the continuing flow of evidence that something else lives on planet earth.  I have always been amused at that segment of our population that thinks that we/they know everything about what inhabits our world.

Ask any oceanographer and they will quickly admit that there are layers of deep water creatures that are yet to be discovered.  Visit with your area’s academia experts about forest wildlife and fauna, and they will gladly present themselves as an all-knowing expert.  However, you can talk to what would otherwise be credible national park service rangers and many of them will freely admit that something odd or unexplained may often be occurring out in the woods.

Bill LeeBill Lee believes that he understands a bit more than average about a separate cultural group that could be and probably is living among us.  In short, he believes.

Free Range Texan Unexplained File Bill LeeEpisode 29 of our Free Range Texan Podcast talks candidly and openly with Bill Lee as he shares some of his experiences hosting his worldwide podcast “Inspired By Big Foot.”  Bill talks about issues that simply put can be less than comfortable for a number of researchers.  This episode is unlike any Sasquatch or Big Foot “Unexplained File” that we have brought to our Podcast.

She’s Known as the Bigfoot Lady

Michael Shawn
Michael Shawn

Harriett McFeely, from the  Bigfoot Crossroads of America Museum and Research Center, has kindly consented to be our guest on Episode 24 of our Free Range Texan Podcast.

There is a reason why she is known nationally as “The Bigfoot Lady”.  Her experiences and research put her among the top individuals in the United States to reference concerning Sasquatch sightings.

Harriett McFeelyHarriett McFeely reveals an unending testimony concerning the reality of Bigfoot creatures on American soil.  She reveals a number of the latest encounters with Bigfoot in the Nebraska area.

Free Range Texan Podcast Episode 24Episode 24’s campfire segment is a touching revelation into my personal past as I tell about a dear old friend by the name of Ben Faulkner.  Michael Shawn’s Campfire visit goes to a more personal level than we have experienced since the beginning of the Free Range Texan Podcast.  Episode 24 is not to be missed, releasing Thursday evening, July 18, 2019 worldwide.

Mount Blanco Museum Sends Its Top Researcher to Talk with Michael Shawn

Back in the very beginning of our podcast we promoted for several episodes that we wanted to begin to discuss the concept of real live giants living on earth.  I know what you’re thinking.  Giants are mostly a part of myths and fairy tales.  However, our research has shown a different result.

Joe Taylor is a world renowned archaeological dig expert and he has personally witnessed proof of the existence of giants on earth.

Free Range Texan Episode 20 Giants

Episode 13: Unveiling the Chupacabra

We told you the very first day of our podcast that we would tackle the entire Chupacabra story.  Now, we have found one of our contacts who not only helps us uncover the actual details of the Chupacabra’s biological makeup, but has even possessed for a year an actual Chupacabra for the purpose of detailed study and mounting it so that thousands of people around the world can see an actual Chupacabra right before their eyes.

ChupacabraWe interviewed another original Free Range Texan, Joe Taylor at Mount Blanco Fossil Museum, and he shared many of the things that he found out about this creature.  He also discovered where the Chupacabra originates from.  We think it is safe to say that the ill-tempered and dangerously unpredictable marauding beast is not in line to be domesticated anytime soon.

ChupacabraThank you Joe Taylor for sharing this remarkable true-life story about the Chupacabra in these pictures.  At Free Range Texan “Unexplained Files” we are continually working to track down the strange tales and true-life events which quite often are not easily explained.  Menu

Experience the Call of the Wild

Episode 10 of the Free Range Texan podcast brings a even clearer understanding of what it’s like to stand among the legendary Big Foot creatures that are inhabiting Texas bush and timber country.

First we premier a new segment we like to call, “The Ain’t Love Grand File”.  After which, we roll immediately into another edition of “The Unexplained Files”.  Earlier on this blog we posted some distant Sasquatch calls believed to have been recorded late at night in the woods north of Houston, Texas.  We are going to leave that recording up on our blog.

But, the one we are about to reveal here, from the same source, is much more profound in its clarity and proximity to the family of Sasquatch that Glen Gerard interacts with.  Glen will be back on our podcast in Episode 10 along with this remarkable Big Foot recording.  And of course, all of that is  followed by “Michael Shawn’s Campfire”.

Free Range Texan Episode 10

Flying Dinosaurs in Texas

Episode 9 carries with it the traditional amount of unique tales of Texas, including a Heroes and Heroines File, entitled “Charlie War Eagle”.  Our Unexplained Files have discovered a growing number of people that claim to have seen actual, long thought extinct, Pterodactyl creatures flying over the Plains of West Texas.  Before you refuse to except this phenomena as real, you should listen to what Joe Taylor, the curator of the Mount Blanco Fossil Museum, has to say about these sightings.

Flyiing dinosaurs in Texas





Big Foot Family Wakes Up the Coyotes, Hear it in Episode 10

We’ve recently been in touch with Glen Gerard.  He is the gentleman that has built a relationship with a Sasquatch family living in the woods north of Houston, Texas.  Glen has shared more photographs from his encounters.  There is an additional treasure that he is allowing the Free Range Texan podcast an exclusive audio release.  Below on the right is a tree trunk estimated to be at least 4″ diameter, snapped like a toothpick.  Glen told me once, “signs are everywhere, but you have to know what to look for.”

Tree trunk snapped by Big Foot creature

Glen GerardWe are set to interview Glen Gerard late this week and anticipate him being on our podcast by January 6th for Episode 10.  We are releasing this information now because we will be premiering some remarkable Big Foot sounds,  this time more profound than any we have already posted on our blog to date.Menu

Recorded Sasquatch Audio


Glen Gerard was very clear when I interviewed him.  He is not a Sasquatch hunter.  Instead it would be more correct to label him as one who has for over a decade been heavily involved in studying the habits of Texas’ Big Foot creatures.  We here at Free Range Texan have spent enough time with Glen to consider him a reliable and trusted source of information.

This week, I received an e-mail from Glen that contained a remarkable recording.  When it comes to Big Foot evidence, we are always looking for clearer pictures and more distinct recorded sounds.  This recording occurred in the forest north of Houston, Texas.  Turn up your speakers.

As always, we wish it was clearer and more distinct.  But nonetheless, you can hear three distinct Sasquatch whoops.  We feel certain that Glen Gerard has enough experience to recognize actual Sasquatch communicative sounds, and he and the people with him at the time are in complete agreement.  They captured actual Big Foot sounds.