Ed Roman – Creating His Own Niche

Michael Shawn
Michael Shawn

It is rare, but every so often I feel I am talking to someone that is close to being and needs to be discovered by the entire world.  Ed Roman is one such artist.

Free Range Texan Episode 61 Ed RomanCanadian born, he is one of those songwriter, recording artists who creates his own niche and is remarkably fun to listen to.  Every song I have heard Ed Roman do always carries a deeper and profound meaning once you begin to listen to his music.  I kid you not … in the half dozen recordings that landed at our studio, I heard a perfect blend of folk, rock, funk, and jazz … all in a blend of toe tapping fun.  He is amazing.  No two songs were alike, and I enjoyed every one of them.

Ed RomanHonestly, I spent more time in research for Episode 61 and finally for the first time we decided to play three of his tunes on our Podcast because sharing the Ed Roman experience with just one or two recordings does not even begin to relate to our listeners what we discovered in his press kit.

Ed RomanBut here’s the thing.  Not only does his music press all the right buttons, but I found him to have a charming personality and a deep understanding of the human condition and its special needs in this day and time.  After spending time with him in the interview, I found myself disarmed as a podcast producer and instead just wanting to ask him if we could be friends.  He’s that kind of guy.

Ed RomanIn short, I think he is our new favorite Canadian, and after the final edit of our Free Range Texan Episode 61, I have been anxious to share my new friend with the world.  My advice is listen to this very special edition of our Podcast and enjoy.

Free Range Texan Podcast Episode 61

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