Episode 36 Warm and Loving then Sad and Cold

Michael Shawn
Michael Shawn

The Free Range Texan Podcast Episode 36 varies greatly from beginning to end with a wide spectrum of emotions.  Among other things, this episode contains a special visit with Shirley and Andy Klattenhoff tucked neatly inside one of our “Ain’t Love Grand Files”.  They are a delight.

Shirley and Andy Klattenhoff
Shirley and Andy – 1978
Shirley and Andy Klattenhoff
Shirley and Andy in “Studio A” today

Shirley and Andy have been walking hand-in-hand through life for over four decades.  Through the best of times and tough times, they have always just taken it all as it comes.  We have learned that true love sometimes appears when you’re not even looking for it and when it is least expected.  We think you will love hearing their story.

Native American James ScottAbove is the picture of James Scott, a Native American, who died in 1944 at about 110 years of age.  As a child, he was part of the forced removal of Indian tribes from Alabama and Georgia to reservations in Oklahoma.  We have recreated word for word his actual recollection of the removal.  It is a remarkable story, and yet may not be suitable for our younger listeners.

All of this and more on another Free Range Texan Podcast that comes from the heart.

Free Range Texan Episode 36

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