George Ensle Sings About Texas

Michael Shawn
Michael Shawn

George Ensle is like a golden thread that is run in, through and around the Texas home-grown music scene … as he puts it, “since way back in the day.”  On top of his songwriting, recording and performing, he also sits in as producer on a number of popular Texas music recordings.

Free Range Talent File George EnsleGeorge Ensle’s community of friends refer to him as a “song painter”.  He is an artist, and his music is popularized by the stories it tells and the pictures that his music paints.  And speaking of stories, he’s got some great ones that he shares on our podcast.  Additionally, he mentions a new song he has just released for broadcast with its own video.  We are glad to podcast premier it here.

Recommended listening is the label we put on Episode 39 of the Free Range Texan Podcast, where we are glad to introduce our friend, George Ensle.

George Ensle

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