Getting to Know Shimmer Johnson

Michael Shawn
Michael Shawn

There is always a degree of concern anytime you begin to visit with an artist for the first time.  It is always those instances that you are keenly aware of the fact that you don’t have the luxury of being old friends.  Other than a short telephone conversation, I had never had the pleasure of getting to talk with Shimmer Johnson one-on-one and ask her questions about her life and her music.

Free Range Texan Episode 60 Shimmer JohnsonOn our Podcast it is always our goal to find the parts of an artist’s story that glitter above and beyond the everyday norms.  Sometimes you work harder and sometimes the person’s personality gives you a more comfortable run.  Shimmer Johnson gave us the type of interview that we walked away from thinking that we had a new and enjoyable friend in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Shimmer JohnsonShimmer is a pro with a work ethic that commands respect from anyone in the business who learns the daily steps of her music career.  If she opens up with you, you find out that very little has ever been handed to her on a silver platter.  And she has an amazing grasp of today’s music industry.  Oh yes, she has developed a good production team with which she writes and records music with a voice reminiscent of Judy Collins or Alison Krauss.

Shimmer JohnsonShimmer Johnson is unique, and we here at the Free Range Texan are glad to have met her.  The people at our studio asked me, “What did you think of Shimmer Johnson?”  I just smiled and said, “I like her.”  Her video Toy Soldier is the song we featured at the beginning of her interview, and we wanted to share it with everyone here.  We are glad to have her as our guest on Episode 60, and we wish her all the best.

Free Range Texan Episode 60

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