In Episode 5, Crypotozoology Investigator Daniel Jones


I met Daniel Jones at a two-day event in a room full of some of the most remarkable individuals I have been around for some time.  I interviewed Daniel for what I intended to be a short cut-away interview, and an hour later, my digital recorder was still rolling as we talked about scientific anomalies, metaphysics, paranormal phenomena, unknown creatures, and ancient mysteries.

Caniel JonesIt was not dull.  While he divides his time between teaching and operating the Vortexas Network, he managed to spend whatever time I required being interviewed for the Free Range Texan podcast.  The “Unexplained Files” segment that we rolled in Episode 5 was actually only a snippet of the information he shared with us.

In the coming weeks, we will reveal alot more about what Daniel Jones had to say.

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