Jerrod Medulla … Wild and Crazy Guy

Michael Shawn
Michael Shawn

Let me be perfectly clear … I have been around the entertainment business since I was 13 years old, and I have never once in my entire life, ever, signed up for anyone’s fan club.  News Flash ! ! !  Where do I sign up?  I’ll just admit it my friends … I am a Jerrod Medulla fan!

Free Range Talent File Jerrod MedullaIf it sounds like I was having fun when I interviewed Jerrod Medulla, it is because I was.  Jerrod has recently been working with some of the top producers, not just in Texas, but in the USA.  A few months ago, he held the Number One spot in the Texas Regional Radio Music Chart with his release of “Unbroken Horses”.

Free Range Talent File Jerrod MedullaThanks to Kidd Manning, Jerrod Medulla agreed to be our guest on Episode 26 on the Free Range Texan Podcast.  In our podcast interview, we roll with Jerrod’s latest release to broadcast radio stations.  However, in that interview we talked about one of his videos entitled, “Wolf Howl”.  I agreed that we would play the video here on our blog.  And so … we will.

Jerrod is a part of our Free Range Talent file that we hope will return again and again. Episode 26 will release Thursday evening, August 15th.

Free Range Talent File features Jerrod Medulla


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