Kidd Manning, our Free Range Texan Musicologist

Michael Shawn
Michael Shawn

I know what you’re thinking … you’ve heard of Kidd Manning, especially if you’re in the entertainment business or involved in the Texas Music scene.  You know that he can be funny, witty and knows a heck of a lot about the recording industry.  He is a lifetime broadcaster in too many places to mention, and while his name is known on the West Coast, in Arizona, and in Colorado, he is best loved at home in West Texas.

But … what is a Musicologist you ask.  It is a person that is remarkably well versed in the artists and songwriters of our land and particularly adept at recording artists’ history.  In other words, in a business that is all about who you know, Kidd Manning knows just about everybody, and most everybody will admit to knowing him.  I like him, and I think people who are interested in our Free Range Talent File will learn to appreciate Kidd’s input.  Welcome aboard the Free Range Texan Network Kidd Manning.

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