Latest UFO Appearances on South Texas Highway


It was the first Sunday afternoon that I had chosen to sit at home with the wife and the dog falling asleep during one television show after another.  All of our Free Range Texan situations had been handled or at least could wait until Monday.  Then my cell phone rang.  It was a trusted acquaintance.  Let me apologize to you now for not having a note pad to write down highway numbers, time of day, etc.  I can probably get those in a follow up report.

The whole Free Range Texan network is new.  It has only been alive and breathing for a few weeks.  Yet, it already amazes me the people in the United States and beyond who are paying attention.  My phone conversation went something like this.  “Michael, there are other people that I could talk to, but you seem sincere.  My family and I have witnessed something that we can’t explain …. and I have pictures.”

I sat up on the couch.  Most guys with an audio only broadcast or podcast could care less about pictures.  But Free Range Texan has a well attended blog, designed to lend credibility to our podcast.  So I listened to his story.

I know this person and all of my dealings with him have led me to believe that he is not a seeker of public attention.  In fact, he would prefer to have little or none.  But I consider him a credible source.

He said he was driving along on a south Texas farm-to-market road, when what looked like a bright triangle appeared in the sky.

UPO sighting in TexasUFO sighting in Texas










Anyone who has grown up in West Texas has seen the sun reflecting on ice crystals at different times of the year, but this did look unique.  It’s what happened next that peeked our interest.  Whether or not the next instance is related to the bright triangle in the sky is unknown.  But I was told that the appearance of a blue orb seemed to drop out of the triangular shaped object in the sky.

Blue orb appears in the skyBlue orb in the sky closeup






It was explained to me that the bright triangle immediately began to fade after the blue orb seemed to come from within it.   Even more interesting are the pictures posted below.  On close inspection, we noticed what appeared to be a series of smaller lights inside the blue orb.

Blue orb moves in skyBlue orb moves in the sky closeupHe told me it moved around slowly for a short time, and then took off over the horizon, faster than any man-made object he new of.  It is safe to say that our blue orb sighting is “Unexplained”.

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