Louise Cappi Uniquely American Jazz

Michael Shawn
Michael Shawn

It’s no secret that yours truly, born and raised in Texas, grew up listening to Country music and of course Rock and Roll.  I have always appreciated Jazz, but from a distance.  Perhaps its because I have not spent enough time wandering the street of New Orleans in and out of one French Quarter Jazz bar and then another.  Louise Cappi changed all that for me.

Free Range Texan Episode 64 Louise CappiShe is at least a second generation jazz professional and one of the nicest ladies I have ever met.  But the thing that drew us to her was her remarkable music.  I don’t know why we have waited so long to bring real jazz to our Free Range Talent File, but the seal has been broken and our eyes are open.  Louise Cappi caused us to remember that we have overlooked a uniquely American brand of music.  And she is a perfect ambassador for our Free Range Texan audience.

Louise CappiAll of the usual stuff is in place, post-COVid she has begun to work again.  Her web site (louisecappimusic.com) puts you in touch with her upcoming dates at venues from New Orleans to New York City.  Her fans are reconnecting with her as she is releasing her latest album “Hope”.  And we have been able to provide one of her videos here on our blog.

We found Louise Cappi to be delightful and we are genuinely excited about her as our very special guest on Free Range Texan Episode 64.


Free Range Texan Episode 64

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