Matt Westin … On His Way Up

Michael Shawn
Michael Shawn

An interview with Matt Westin is one of those conversations that enables you to quickly get passed the layers and meet with the real person that drives his thought processes and goals.  Not so easy when you are dealing with veteran entertainers, but nice to find in a young gentleman not yet building barriers to protect himself.

Free Range Talent File Matt WestinHere’s the thing … I was immediately struck by a young man who set out to find his place in the world and after a time realized that his place, for now anyway, is back where he can be close to what he describes as “the legacy” of his family.  I like him!  And, I think the rest of you will as well.

Free Range Talent File Matt WestinNow I’ve said all that and kept the icing on the cake for last.  This guy can sing!  Not only that, but he has found great producers and promotions support, which allows him to present the complete package.

Matt WestinHonestly, when we first began to be interested in Matt Westin was at the point where we were just sent a recording.  Then the more we found out about him, and enjoyed getting to know his polished looks and stage performance, we realized he would be a great fit for the Free Range Texan Podcast.

Matt WestinOne of the things that we enjoy is being able to introduce our listeners to people we are certain they will like.   That is why when we found Matt Westin and his remarkable talent, we were anxious to include him on Episode 37.  We urge you to look for his album “Legacy”, and enjoy hearing his story on the way up.  Matt Westin is part of Episode 37 as our Podcast rolls out Thursday, January 16th after dark United States’ central time.

Free Range Texan Episode 37

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