Nothing But Respect for Mike Pritchard

Michael Shawn
Michael Shawn

I’m not even sure I remember the first time I became aware of and acquainted with Mike Pritchard.  His singing, songwriting and performing capabilities are woven into the fabric of our West Texas community.  You could say a lot of things about Mike … he is the consummate professional; he is someone that can be counted on to perform and sing in almost any venue where he is needed.

Free Range Talent File Mike PritchardAnother thing you will notice if you are around him much is that the musician community appreciates and respects him as a talent and a friend.  In regards to all the things that I have just said, he is a real “what you see is what you get” kind of guy.  I like him and I guess I always have.  If you are walking in to spend the evening somewhere, and you find out that Mike Pritchard will be singing, it’s a good thing.

Anyone who tries to put Mike Pritchard’s performing art or music style in a box with a label will be hard pressed to keep the lid shut.  He sings and writes great music for a lot of different occasions.  He and Wally Moyers have recently produced some absolutely beautiful country music.  Mike was always a rock and roll guy at heart, and would be glad to walk on stage with a six piece band and blow the roof off.  But lately … he is doing some really sweet and soulful blues.  It’s all enjoyable.

Free Range Talent File Mike PritchardOur visit with Mike Pritchard taps into past, present and future.  He was absolutely candid and talked personally with our listeners.  For me it was simple.  I was just talking with an old friend.  Episode 34 of our Free Range Texan Podcast rolls out Thursday evening, December 7th.  Thank you Mike Pritchard for sharing some of your life and your music.

Free Range Texan Podcast Episode 34

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