Michael Shawn’s FREE RANGE TEXAN Update – Oct. 13, 2018


The response to our Free Range Texan podcast has been a bit overwhelming. We feel humble and blessed. As of the writing of this post, Stitcher, Tune-in, Google Play, Spotify, and iTunes have all given us a position in their podcast lineups. Our YouTube Channel and Facebook have all just begun to tick. In the interest of full disclosure, I will have to admit that we have worked for months, days, nights, and weekends to see it all become live at once. That was our dream. Now to have it all well received is deeply appreciated.

We would like to point out that the Free Range Texan podcast is beginning as a bi-weekly. and starting on October 28th when Episode 5 will be released, we will be rolling out a new episode every other Sunday. All of that is subject to change in the future, but for now we see it as a plan we can live with. We know it is important to keep our programming fresh, interesting, and from time to time vital. That being said, while we deal with some interesting and/or disturbing issues, we always want to find a place to regain our sense of humor and have a warm visit.

For those of you who become regular Free Range Texan podcast subscribers, we would love to point out our website’s store.  Great gift ideas!  We will be adding a line up of most excellent stuff as the days go by.  Ooops … did I really just say “GO BUY”.  When you purchase any items at our store, it helps support our Free Range Texan podcast Prime examples:




Big Foot Family in Texas Forest


We interviewed Glen Gerard in Episode 4. He told us about communicating for a number of years with a Sasquatch family in the forest just north of Houston, Texas. Glen appears where these instances continually take place. Glen Gerard (black T-shirt) is seen standing next to his friend, Carl. We expect considerable follow-up on our “Unexplained File” investigation.

Follow-up  October 17, 2018:

I want to make sure that everyone reading this blog post understands that my lifetime of experience tells me that when it comes to Glen Gerard, what you see is what you get.  I mention that now because I’m certain it will occur to some people that the following pictures could be staged.  Please bear in mind that Glen was introduced to me by a very trusted source.  All of my instincts tell me this story is real.

Sasquatch tree marking

Above is a tree marked five feet higher than this full grown male.  And below is an example of the tree arches created from pulling trees over and securing them down.  This phenomena is seen in wooded areas known to be inhabited by Big Foot creatures throughout the United States.

Big Foot tree arch

Sasquatch nest

Glen tells me that the above photo is a nest area.  All of these pictures were taken in the last few days in the forest just north of Houston, Texas.

Sasquatch Juvenile print

Sasquatch juvenile print

Glen and I were recently discussing that sometimes the Sasquatch family is open to visitation and, for whatever reasons, sometimes they are not.  Glen states that a swift rock can come through the trees and smack hard into the tree next to you about head high.  Glen takes that to mean that on that particular night, he is not welcome.  But just since we had that conversation, Glen took his teenage nephew with him, and it is believed that the Sasquatch juvenile sent a swift rock into the check of the juvenile with Glen.

Sasquatch throws rock

It is clear that this particular Free Range Texan Unexplained File is taking on a life of its own.