A-Team PR’s Studio A Gains Notoriety

People who are successful in the public relations industry agree that a good agency operates seamlessly behind the scenes working on their client’s behalf.  While the owners and creative personnel at A-Team PR have operated in media and public relations for decades, A-Team PR itself is a brand new public relations and strategic media planning business that in many ways has rewritten the operations manual for today’s advertising companies.  In today’s new world of marketing and imaging clients’ businesses, newly formed and elegant ways of promotion are changing the industry with more efficient processes.  All of this leads to better production, better creativity, better market research, and more bang for the buck for clients.  It is a new and exciting world, and podcasting is the new step-child wave that summits the mountain that is today’s entertainment / information explosion.  Traditional media is pounding the pavement hard to keep up.


Free Range Texan Episode 13

Episode 13: Unveiling the Chupacabra

We told you the very first day of our podcast that we would tackle the entire Chupacabra story.  Now, we have found one of our contacts who not only helps us uncover the actual details of the Chupacabra’s biological makeup, but has even possessed for a year an actual Chupacabra for the purpose of detailed study and mounting it so that thousands of people around the world can see an actual Chupacabra right before their eyes.

ChupacabraWe interviewed another original Free Range Texan, Joe Taylor at Mount Blanco Fossil Museum, and he shared many of the things that he found out about this creature.  He also discovered where the Chupacabra originates from.  We think it is safe to say that the ill-tempered and dangerously unpredictable marauding beast is not in line to be domesticated anytime soon.

ChupacabraThank you Joe Taylor for sharing this remarkable true-life story about the Chupacabra in these pictures.  At Free Range Texan “Unexplained Files” we are continually working to track down the strange tales and true-life events which quite often are not easily explained.  Menu

We’ll Make Ya Famous!

Let me let you in on a secret.  Our new digital technology makes things simple.  For instance, if you have talent, if someone in your family has talent, if you know someone who has talent, or if you know someone who knows someone with talent … this is your / their lucky day.  It just so happens that the moderately famous Free Range Texan podcast is in search of talent to interview and even play recordings of your gig.  Discovered or undiscovered … we have found many times that makes little difference.

Free Range Texan talent fileHere’s how it works … you send your name and telephone number or e-mail address to info@FreeRangeTexan.net.  The rest is simple.  You can be located anywhere in Texas, the United States, or the world.  Michael Shawn will call you and discuss podcast stuff with you.  A quick telephone interview can take place and then we will play at least one of your tunes or cowboy poetry or regular poetry or drum solo or trombone … well we think you get the picture.  It’s time for your moderately big break!!!  Go ahead … send it in.  We’re waiting.Menu

Cowboy Coffee and UFOs … Just Another Day At The Office for Michael Shawn

Episode 12 starts out with a fantasy parachute jump that gets a bit real before it’s over.  Michael Shawn continues his love affair with caffeine, and cryptozoology investigator Daniel Jones shares thoughts and true stories about actual UFO incidents in the Lone Star state.  Be sure and join our Free Range Texan podcast Episode 12, rolling out on February 3rd.  P.S.:  The rumors are true,  A-Team PR’s Studio A seems to have been visited by alien life forms during the making of Episode 12 …. really!

Free Range Texan Welcomes Andy Wilkinson

Andy Wilkinson is one of our heroes. Singer, songwriter, cowboy poet, and author of a number of good reads. His body of work is very much about the roots of our podcast. He is one of the best examples of a true “Free Range Texan”. These days Andy is doing some great work with Texas Tech University, which he mentions on our podcast. Of course, we could not have Andy Wilkinson on the Free Range Texan without twistin his arm to play one of his original West Texas songs.

Free Range Texan Episode 11


Andy Wilkinson's Surprise, Texas

Andy Wilkinson’s latest novel, “Suprise, Texas”, is more than just a page turner. It is written with the heart and soul of a Texan about a slice of Texas culture that is real and tangible in the South Plains and Permian Basin areas of the Lone Star State. Our advice is to click and enjoy …

Free Range Texan Facebook Page on Lock Out

If the sun comes up in the morning and we are still unable to access our own Free Range Texan Facebook page, it will be day four of a discouraging experience. For the record, Mark Zuckerberg is not returning our calls.

Free Range Texan Podcast Facebook Page

So, in fact, there is a reason why things have been sort of quiet at the Free Range Texan Facebook page. Experience dictates that this too will all work out in time, and when it does, we’ll have a bunch of good postings waiting in line to appear. And yes, Michael Shawn is “fit to be tied”!

UPDATE:  January 22, 2019    Thankfully our Facebook page is back under our control!


Experience the Call of the Wild

Episode 10 of the Free Range Texan podcast brings a even clearer understanding of what it’s like to stand among the legendary Big Foot creatures that are inhabiting Texas bush and timber country.

First we premier a new segment we like to call, “The Ain’t Love Grand File”.  After which, we roll immediately into another edition of “The Unexplained Files”.  Earlier on this blog we posted some distant Sasquatch calls believed to have been recorded late at night in the woods north of Houston, Texas.  We are going to leave that recording up on our blog.

But, the one we are about to reveal here, from the same source, is much more profound in its clarity and proximity to the family of Sasquatch that Glen Gerard interacts with.  Glen will be back on our podcast in Episode 10 along with this remarkable Big Foot recording.  And of course, all of that is  followed by “Michael Shawn’s Campfire”.

Free Range Texan Episode 10

We Are Thankful That Michael Shawn is On-Board

We think it is clear that anyone who delves into the back office on the Free Range Texan podcast quickly sees that our podcast is produced in house at A-Team PR.  But anyone at A-Team PR will admit that the key element in the program’s production continually flows from the heart and mind of its host, Michael Shawn.  It is his skill as a voice over talent/actor that so often brings what is needed to the creative services involved in the various segments of the Free Range Texan podcast.

We will admit that we learned early on that you can’t keep a talent like Michael Shawn pinned up in a corral somewhere.  Instead, that Free Range Texan spirit does involve him in a number of endeavors.  While his voice over capabilities are seeing a greater and greater demand, he remains committed to the time and energy he commits to producing our bi-weekly podcast.

We are pleased to have him producing his voice over work in A-Team PR’s Studio A where he seems to be quite at home.  We appreciate you listening to our podcast.Menu

Our Podcast Blog

Well I guess I don’t have to tell you folks much about our blog, seeing as how if you’re reading this, you’re already on it.  Here’s the trick … we have a tradition of posting our social media banners on our blog.  However, WordPress requires us to post a banner by including it in an article.  So, for our loyal blog readers, I’ll give you this juicy bit of behind the scenes sneek peak information.  It is now way past dark thirty on a Thursday night, I am looking across the desk at my sleepy-eyed, tired, and remarkably cute when she’s cranky wife, Kathy.  She is wondering just exactly how much more midnight oil are we going to burn this fine evening.

The Free Range Texan Podcast Blog

With any luck, I will wake up on a cool, crisp, West Texas Friday morning a few short hours from now and my darling bride will stumble in the kitchen and make some fresh hot cowboy coffee for the two of us.  All the while wondering if we’re going to do the same gall-durn thing on Friday night as well.  Love ya’ll later.Menu

Flying Dinosaurs in Texas

Episode 9 carries with it the traditional amount of unique tales of Texas, including a Heroes and Heroines File, entitled “Charlie War Eagle”.  Our Unexplained Files have discovered a growing number of people that claim to have seen actual, long thought extinct, Pterodactyl creatures flying over the Plains of West Texas.  Before you refuse to except this phenomena as real, you should listen to what Joe Taylor, the curator of the Mount Blanco Fossil Museum, has to say about these sightings.

Flyiing dinosaurs in Texas