A Campfire Story That Took on a Life of Its Own

Michael Shawn
Michael Shawn

Michael Shawn’s Campfire stories tend to flow from all directions.  There are countless sources, including close friends and contributing editors, who’s contributions to our podcast are appreciated more than anyone knows.

We were producing the campfire story for Episode 30.  Traditionally, podcasts contain various and sundry amounts of content, generally edited around a main file (Heroes and Heroines, The Unexplained Files, Free Range Talent, etc.) and always winding up at Michael Shawn’s Campfire.

In the tradition of creating a campfire segment for Episode 30, we most of the time run a ballpark estimate of four to eight minutes, depending on variables in the script and production.  It’s the way we like to end each podcast.

Thinking that the story of the Alamo from Davy Crockett’s point of view would be a different way to tell the tale, we began to do research outside of the traditional writings concerning Texas history.  We stumbled into a credible source of knowledge that told more vividly the happenings in the last days of Davy Crockett’s life, specifically describing the world around him.

Before we knew it, we had a podcast script two to three times longer than any campfire story that we had ever produced, and in trying to edit this remarkable tale, we could not find portions we were willing to leave out.  Numerous times we were brought to tears as we began to realize more than the Hollywood version of the world falling apart around the remnant of Texan volunteers.

By the time we finished production, apart from being profoundly moved by what we were hearing, we also realized that as much as ever before we had created a piece of “theatre of the mind” that was a true story of remarkable bravery and heroism.  The Free Range Texan Podcast Epiosde 30 is dedicated to my life-long friend Harlan Reddell, who spent three years putting up with a smart-aleck young Michael Shawn, teaching me everything I know about dramatic presentation.  This one is from the heart.

Free Range Texan Podcast Episode 30 Davy Crockett

Free Range Texan Episode 30 rolls Thursday, October 10th just after dark.


Our Guest, Bill Lee, Dives Deeper Into Sasquatch Creatures

Michael Shawn
Michael Shawn

Believe or don’t believe.  But be aware of the continuing flow of evidence that something else lives on planet earth.  I have always been amused at that segment of our population that thinks that we/they know everything about what inhabits our world.

Ask any oceanographer and they will quickly admit that there are layers of deep water creatures that are yet to be discovered.  Visit with your area’s academia experts about forest wildlife and fauna, and they will gladly present themselves as an all-knowing expert.  However, you can talk to what would otherwise be credible national park service rangers and many of them will freely admit that something odd or unexplained may often be occurring out in the woods.

Bill LeeBill Lee believes that he understands a bit more than average about a separate cultural group that could be and probably is living among us.  In short, he believes.

Free Range Texan Unexplained File Bill LeeEpisode 29 of our Free Range Texan Podcast talks candidly and openly with Bill Lee as he shares some of his experiences hosting his worldwide podcast “Inspired By Big Foot.”  Bill talks about issues that simply put can be less than comfortable for a number of researchers.  This episode is unlike any Sasquatch or Big Foot “Unexplained File” that we have brought to our Podcast.

A Visit With Gypsy Jayne

Michael Shawn
Michael Shawn

Truth is, I can tell you honestly, that with some artists the host and his editor work hard to make sure that our guest is comfortable and we end up with a listenable interview.  It’s our job.  But I should also, in the interest of full disclosure, tell you that there are those artists that sitting down and having a cup of coffee in our studios is immediately like visiting with an old friend.

Free Range Talent Gypsy JayneGypsy Jayne has that quality.  Although we had talked on the phone briefly, when we met and shook hands, it was our first face-to-face meeting.  By the time we sat comfortably and did our interview, and then walked out back and sat under some trees and visited for a while longer, I told her that today I felt like I had made a new friend.  She is the type of person that puts on very little if any airs, and you never would guess that she is a well-received singer and songwriter here in West Texas.

Free Range Talent Gypsy JayneBut as I continue to tell the truth, I will tell you that when she steps up on stage with her three piece band and begins to sing a form of what I call “Texas Soul Music”, she becomes not only a powerful singer but a remarkable musician with her guitar.  Her most current album was actually done a couple of years ago with some great tunes.  It has a hidden gem in the very last cut.  We play that cut on our Podcast, and we think it reveals a lot about the real Gypsy Jayne.

Free Range Talent Gypsy JayneOur special guest Gypsy Jayne, occurs in Episode 28 of the Free Range Texan Podcast and is revealed Thursday, September 12th at sundown.  We enjoyed our time spent with Gypsy Jayne, and believe our listeners will as well.  Gypsy Jayne’s music is available in the Free Range Texan House of Treasurers and she gives a website for her booking information in our interview.  Thank you Gypsy Jayne … we definitely want you to come back.


Meet The Mallories

Michael Shawn
Michael Shawn

The Mallories are a good example of how things work here on our podcast.  They contacted us through info@FreeRangeTexan.net, submitted themselves, sent pictures and music, and botta-bing, botta-boom …. they’re on Episode 27 of the Free Range Texan Podcast.

It is really a treat to work with people just starting out in the music biz.  Their fresh attitudes and warm and friendly natures make our interview fun.

Free Range Talent The MalloriesBut all of that is followed up by perhaps the most important piece of the puzzle … THEY CAN SING!!!  They are just beginning to write and record their own music, and they are quick to tell you that their Dad, Shaun Mallory, is their manager and booking agent.

It all creates a sweet package.  Lovable to listen to and fun to watch.  We are proud to present The Mallories from Arlington, Texas, stepping onto our podcast stage in Episode 27.  A delightful interview and a song worth listening to written about their mother.  We mentioned their video in our interview and wanted everyone to be able to see it here, including the message at the end.

Free Range Texan Podcast Episode 27 rolls out Thursday evening, August 29, 2019.

Free Range Talent File The Mallories


Jerrod Medulla … Wild and Crazy Guy

Michael Shawn
Michael Shawn

Let me be perfectly clear … I have been around the entertainment business since I was 13 years old, and I have never once in my entire life, ever, signed up for anyone’s fan club.  News Flash ! ! !  Where do I sign up?  I’ll just admit it my friends … I am a Jerrod Medulla fan!

Free Range Talent File Jerrod MedullaIf it sounds like I was having fun when I interviewed Jerrod Medulla, it is because I was.  Jerrod has recently been working with some of the top producers, not just in Texas, but in the USA.  A few months ago, he held the Number One spot in the Texas Regional Radio Music Chart with his release of “Unbroken Horses”.

Free Range Talent File Jerrod MedullaThanks to Kidd Manning, Jerrod Medulla agreed to be our guest on Episode 26 on the Free Range Texan Podcast.  In our podcast interview, we roll with Jerrod’s latest release to broadcast radio stations.  However, in that interview we talked about one of his videos entitled, “Wolf Howl”.  I agreed that we would play the video here on our blog.  And so … we will.

Jerrod is a part of our Free Range Talent file that we hope will return again and again. Episode 26 will release Thursday evening, August 15th.

Free Range Talent File features Jerrod Medulla


Kidd Manning, our Free Range Texan Musicologist

Michael Shawn
Michael Shawn

I know what you’re thinking … you’ve heard of Kidd Manning, especially if you’re in the entertainment business or involved in the Texas Music scene.  You know that he can be funny, witty and knows a heck of a lot about the recording industry.  He is a lifetime broadcaster in too many places to mention, and while his name is known on the West Coast, in Arizona, and in Colorado, he is best loved at home in West Texas.

But … what is a Musicologist you ask.  It is a person that is remarkably well versed in the artists and songwriters of our land and particularly adept at recording artists’ history.  In other words, in a business that is all about who you know, Kidd Manning knows just about everybody, and most everybody will admit to knowing him.  I like him, and I think people who are interested in our Free Range Talent File will learn to appreciate Kidd’s input.  Welcome aboard the Free Range Texan Network Kidd Manning.

Oklahoma Kids Doing Fine in the Lone Star State

Michael Shawn
Michael Shawn

Refreshing is the word that best describes my visit with Ragland. My  visit with Autumn Ragland and Sam Cox, who are the primary fixtures of a band called “Ragland”, was a delightful experience.  Their music is refreshing, and Autumn sings with sort of an Emmy Lou Harris feel.

Free Range Talent File Features RaglandRagland’s music seems exceptionally well produced, and their recently released song, “Footsteps”, is featured on Episode 25 of our Free Range Texan podcast.Free Range Talent File Features Ragland

Our Free Range Texan House of Treasures is pleased to be providing their music, and we are told that they are about to go back in the studio and begin production on an all new project.  They are not only talented, but carry a clean and sincere desire to make music for their growing number of fans throughout the mid-west.  We enjoyed getting to know these new faces in our industry and wish them every success.

Free Range Texan Episode 25

She’s Known as the Bigfoot Lady

Michael Shawn
Michael Shawn

Harriett McFeely, from the  Bigfoot Crossroads of America Museum and Research Center, has kindly consented to be our guest on Episode 24 of our Free Range Texan Podcast.

There is a reason why she is known nationally as “The Bigfoot Lady”.  Her experiences and research put her among the top individuals in the United States to reference concerning Sasquatch sightings.

Harriett McFeelyHarriett McFeely reveals an unending testimony concerning the reality of Bigfoot creatures on American soil.  She reveals a number of the latest encounters with Bigfoot in the Nebraska area.

Free Range Texan Podcast Episode 24Episode 24’s campfire segment is a touching revelation into my personal past as I tell about a dear old friend by the name of Ben Faulkner.  Michael Shawn’s Campfire visit goes to a more personal level than we have experienced since the beginning of the Free Range Texan Podcast.  Episode 24 is not to be missed, releasing Thursday evening, July 18, 2019 worldwide.

Jordan Robert Kirk Headlines Episode 23 of the Free Range Texan Podcast

Michael Shawn
Michael Shawn

This is a true story, and it happened just this way.  I got a phone call from my old friend Kidd Manning, a popular broadcaster in our West Texas area.  I’ve always respected Kidd’s handle on the Texas Music scene, so I mentioned to him that like always, we were looking for Texan singer / songwriters for our Free Range Talent file segments.  Kidd did not bat an eye.  He said, “I’ve got someone for you, and this kid is going to blow you away.”

Free Range Talent File Jordan Robert KifkHe told me about Jordan Robert Kirk and I was a little embarrassed to say that I didn’t know about this new talent.  Kidd Manning put this fresh, young singer in touch with us and when I heard his music and visited with him on the phone for a little while, we moved on this guy immediately.

Free Range Talent File Jordan Robert KirkHe is a young fourth generation farmer living out around Idalou, Texas.  He received a degree in Engineering at Texas Tech, but has decided to make music his career.  That is … when his dad lets him off the tractor.

Free Range Talent File Jordan Robert KirkIn all honesty, first I will tell you that  he has a tremendous attitude, but beyond that, his talent  knocks us down!  He writes great music  and when he starts to sing, it sounds like he should be on the stage at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville.  Jordan Robert Kirk is one of the best examples of why we created the Free Range Talent file.

Free Range Texan Podcast Episode 23Episode 23 of our Podcast, released a day early on the evening of Wednesday, July 3rd, is not to be missed.  Our prediction is Jordan Robert Kirk is going places, and a lot of you will have heard him here first.


Stan Troy Has Been Walking on Holy Ground

Michael Shawn
Michael Shawn

The concept of promoting a video on a podcast is not one that has been embraced by the podcast community.  The Free Range Texan network, however, combines its resources to bring you Stan Troy’s new video on our Free Range Texan YouTube Channel.  At the same time, Stan has pleased our producers by making his video entitled, “Holy Ground”, available for what is nothing less than a podcast premier as a guest on our program rolling out the evening of June 20th.

FStan Troy’s recently released album from 2018, DeLux Cafe, featured a song titled, “Holy Ground”.  Few people realized at first that he wrote the song about the ranch that he and his wife, Vicky, live on.  It is a remarkable place.

We have been waiting for the release of Stan’s “Holy Ground” video so that he could be a guest back on our podcast.  Stan Troy is one of the best examples of not only a traditional Texas Hill Country singer – songwriter, but make no mistake about it, beyond that he is a great friend and one of the best examples of a “Free Range Texan.”

Free Range Talent Stan TroyWelcome back Stan!  You’ve always got a home here on the Free Range Texan Podcast.

Episode 22 Free Range Texan Podcast Stan TroyStan Troy’s DeLux Cafe album is available in our Free Range Texan House of Treasures.  Additionally, below we’re anxious for you to get a sneak peak of Stan’s new video “Holy Ground”.