In Episode 5, Crypotozoology Investigator Daniel Jones


I met Daniel Jones at a two-day event in a room full of some of the most remarkable individuals I have been around for some time.  I interviewed Daniel for what I intended to be a short cut-away interview, and an hour later, my digital recorder was still rolling as we talked about scientific anomalies, metaphysics, paranormal phenomena, unknown creatures, and ancient mysteries.

Caniel JonesIt was not dull.  While he divides his time between teaching and operating the Vortexas Network, he managed to spend whatever time I required being interviewed for the Free Range Texan podcast.  The “Unexplained Files” segment that we rolled in Episode 5 was actually only a snippet of the information he shared with us.

In the coming weeks, we will reveal alot more about what Daniel Jones had to say.

Latest UFO Appearances on South Texas Highway


It was the first Sunday afternoon that I had chosen to sit at home with the wife and the dog falling asleep during one television show after another.  All of our Free Range Texan situations had been handled or at least could wait until Monday.  Then my cell phone rang.  It was a trusted acquaintance.  Let me apologize to you now for not having a note pad to write down highway numbers, time of day, etc.  I can probably get those in a follow up report.

The whole Free Range Texan network is new.  It has only been alive and breathing for a few weeks.  Yet, it already amazes me the people in the United States and beyond who are paying attention.  My phone conversation went something like this.  “Michael, there are other people that I could talk to, but you seem sincere.  My family and I have witnessed something that we can’t explain …. and I have pictures.”

I sat up on the couch.  Most guys with an audio only broadcast or podcast could care less about pictures.  But Free Range Texan has a well attended blog, designed to lend credibility to our podcast.  So I listened to his story.

I know this person and all of my dealings with him have led me to believe that he is not a seeker of public attention.  In fact, he would prefer to have little or none.  But I consider him a credible source.

He said he was driving along on a south Texas farm-to-market road, when what looked like a bright triangle appeared in the sky.

UPO sighting in TexasUFO sighting in Texas










Anyone who has grown up in West Texas has seen the sun reflecting on ice crystals at different times of the year, but this did look unique.  It’s what happened next that peeked our interest.  Whether or not the next instance is related to the bright triangle in the sky is unknown.  But I was told that the appearance of a blue orb seemed to drop out of the triangular shaped object in the sky.

Blue orb appears in the skyBlue orb in the sky closeup






It was explained to me that the bright triangle immediately began to fade after the blue orb seemed to come from within it.   Even more interesting are the pictures posted below.  On close inspection, we noticed what appeared to be a series of smaller lights inside the blue orb.

Blue orb moves in skyBlue orb moves in the sky closeupHe told me it moved around slowly for a short time, and then took off over the horizon, faster than any man-made object he new of.  It is safe to say that our blue orb sighting is “Unexplained”.

Michael Shawn with a personal word … October 15, 2018



It is a rare moment.  It’s actually been a quiet sort of day.  Our Free Range Texan podcast’s first four episodes have garnered interesting and consistent responses from people in a number of countries.  And it’s to our listeners outside the United States that I would like to speak for a moment.  While it is true that I and the rest of the people responsible for our podcast, by and large live, work and thrive in the wide open spaces of West Texas, we are not, however, shielded from the reality that is the United States.

There is an angry spirit that has taken over our nation.   It cannot be confused with patriotism.  For a true patriot is first concerned about his country.  That statement does not refer to our nation’s government.  Instead, it refers to its people.  What is happening inside the United States is not healthy for any of us.  And to our friends around the world, we want you to know that at the Free Range Texan we are aware.

Recently, I heard a gentleman that I respect say, “If it is possible, as much as it depends on you, live peaceably with all mankind.”  Speaking for a number of us here in West Texas, we want you to know that we are dedicated to remaining strong, but not necessarily strong to fight.  We feel called instead to be strong “to stand”.  The message here is, that while we come to work everyday with a grin on our face and work on, among other things, the Free Range Texan podcast, we like to think that it comes from the best place inside of us to the best places inside of you.  And maybe, just maybe, we can spend a half hour escaping the thunder and enjoying the peace.

Our podcast begins its biweekly episodes on Sunday, October 28th.  I’ll be checking in on the blog between now and then because there is truly some interesting stuff coming together and lining up for our next few episodes.  I’ll say this just one more time, “it’s gonna be fun.”

Michael Shawn’s FREE RANGE TEXAN Update – Oct. 13, 2018


The response to our Free Range Texan podcast has been a bit overwhelming. We feel humble and blessed. As of the writing of this post, Stitcher, Tune-in, Google Play, Spotify, and iTunes have all given us a position in their podcast lineups. Our YouTube Channel and Facebook have all just begun to tick. In the interest of full disclosure, I will have to admit that we have worked for months, days, nights, and weekends to see it all become live at once. That was our dream. Now to have it all well received is deeply appreciated.

We would like to point out that the Free Range Texan podcast is beginning as a bi-weekly. and starting on October 28th when Episode 5 will be released, we will be rolling out a new episode every other Sunday. All of that is subject to change in the future, but for now we see it as a plan we can live with. We know it is important to keep our programming fresh, interesting, and from time to time vital. That being said, while we deal with some interesting and/or disturbing issues, we always want to find a place to regain our sense of humor and have a warm visit.

For those of you who become regular Free Range Texan podcast subscribers, we would love to point out our website’s store.  Great gift ideas!  We will be adding a line up of most excellent stuff as the days go by.  Ooops … did I really just say “GO BUY”.  When you purchase any items at our store, it helps support our Free Range Texan podcast Prime examples:




Big Foot Family in Texas Forest


We interviewed Glen Gerard in Episode 4. He told us about communicating for a number of years with a Sasquatch family in the forest just north of Houston, Texas. Glen appears where these instances continually take place. Glen Gerard (black T-shirt) is seen standing next to his friend, Carl. We expect considerable follow-up on our “Unexplained File” investigation.

Follow-up  October 17, 2018:

I want to make sure that everyone reading this blog post understands that my lifetime of experience tells me that when it comes to Glen Gerard, what you see is what you get.  I mention that now because I’m certain it will occur to some people that the following pictures could be staged.  Please bear in mind that Glen was introduced to me by a very trusted source.  All of my instincts tell me this story is real.

Sasquatch tree marking

Above is a tree marked five feet higher than this full grown male.  And below is an example of the tree arches created from pulling trees over and securing them down.  This phenomena is seen in wooded areas known to be inhabited by Big Foot creatures throughout the United States.

Big Foot tree arch

Sasquatch nest

Glen tells me that the above photo is a nest area.  All of these pictures were taken in the last few days in the forest just north of Houston, Texas.

Sasquatch Juvenile print

Sasquatch juvenile print

Glen and I were recently discussing that sometimes the Sasquatch family is open to visitation and, for whatever reasons, sometimes they are not.  Glen states that a swift rock can come through the trees and smack hard into the tree next to you about head high.  Glen takes that to mean that on that particular night, he is not welcome.  But just since we had that conversation, Glen took his teenage nephew with him, and it is believed that the Sasquatch juvenile sent a swift rock into the check of the juvenile with Glen.

Sasquatch throws rock

It is clear that this particular Free Range Texan Unexplained File is taking on a life of its own.


Hello world!



What a journey it’s been to see the “Free Range Texan” vision on our horizon.  At the time we are writing this post, the “Free Range Texan” podcast and all of its support media are just beginning to power up.  Our podcast, website, blog, YouTube channel, and Facebook presence all networked together to bring the “Free Range Texan” podcast to life.

We want to thank the crew at A-Team PR for providing the initial conceptualization, branding, and remarkable creative atmosphere that gave birth to our program.  Their vital behind-the-scenes support on a number of levels makes the show possible and provides a remarkable studio for our production.  Segments of the “Free Range Texan” podcast can and do originate from anywhere.  Our production is carefully edited and produced in the A-Team PR studio.

We believe our host “Michael Shawn” is a perfect fit.  Michael has been on board in the development of the “Free Range Texan” concept since day one.  He is one of the original founders of A-Team PR, and still plays a vital role in their creative services.  He is a lifetime veteran broadcaster, radio personality, and producer of programming that has run across the United States.  His Campfire segments, originally built for broadcast syndication, were a nobrainer, icing on the cake, easy fit in our “Free Range Texan” podcast.

Free Range Texam CrewOur podcast is a journey through segments such as, our Heroes and Heroines file; the Unexplained files; interviews about remarkable creatures and unique places and individuals; and a relaxed flow of personal visits documenting the events of our world through the eyes of a West Texan.  Most of our “Free Range Texan” programs usually end up at “Michael Shawn’s Campfire”.  But don’t get too comfortable.  We suggest you fasten your seat belt.  Our “Free Range Texan” podcast is scheduled to be full of twists and turns.  We asked Michael what we can expect.  He smiled and over his shoulder he said, “You kids don’t lose your sense of humor.”

All of us agree.  This blog is for you, our listener.  Producing the show is one thing.  And from the bottom of our heart, we want you to enjoy the “Free Range Texan”.  Beyond that, your comments, opinions, segment ideas, are not only welcomed, but we see them as vital to the growth and relevance of our podcast.  Michael Shawn had a few words to say about that over one of his famous cups of cowboy coffee.  He said, “I’m not doing this thing alone, listener feedback is everything.  I appreciate you behind the scenes people, but for me the people that really count are the ones who subscribe to our podcast.”

He continued, “It’s about time that someone stepped up, not just to entertain, but to share a series of programs that people can identify with around the world.  So many subjects appear to be taboo in today’s homogenized, cookie cutter media.  It’s time to point out some things in Texas, the United States, and around the world that deserve to be talked about.  I’ve been called, light-hearted to the point of being silly.  I’ve been accused of being somewhat irreverent from time to time.  But as I travel around from state to state and country to country, I can’t help but notice one consistent idea.  That is that almost everywhere you go from here to yonder, generally, folks are just folks.  They want to live, love, and often just be left alone with their beliefs ….. That’s everybody except bankers and lawyers … oh my, there I go again.  Seriously y’all, this is going to be fun.”

So, I’m guessing you see what we mean about Michael Shawn.  As this is being written, Michael has been on another trip to interview a number of trusted sources concerning real-life phenomena that are going to provide some interesting interviews.  When we talked to him today, he said, “Holy smoke guys!  I’m about to meet a team that has had hands on experience with a chupacabra.”  Clearly, that is not a telephone conversation you have everyday.  And last week, he was on the trail of a real-life, nationally known Indiana Jones.  Everyone here is excited about rolling out our podcast.  Keep it under your hat, but it’s pretty well accepted by most of our “Free Range Texan” brain-trust that we have a target roll-out date of October 28th, 2018.  We’ve got a lot more to talk about, soon, but we’re out of time for now.