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Michael Shawn
Michael Shawn

At the Free Range Texan we always have a number of stories simmering on the back burner.  Projects that for one reason or another have not completely developed yet.  Episode 49 is where a number of plans came together.

A visit with Joe Taylor at Mount Blanco Fossil Museum is always a treat.  It is fair to say that generally Joe is unknown to so many people here at home while he is famously respected around the world for his paleontology and archaeological digs as well as working with a number of research teams on remarkable projects usually on things thousands of years old and dug up out of the ground.

Joe Taylor Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum
Joe Taylor

We visit with our old friend Roger Dykes, who was in his younger years quite the entertainer.  And we give you (our listeners) just a snippet of his new podcast.  It’s fun and it carries a message.

Roger Dykes
Roger Dykes

Michael Shawn’s Campfire has really been on a roll in 2020, getting longer and more elaborate.  The production value in the area of “theatre of the mind” has slowly continued to increase.  Producing the Campfire has become one of our favorite parts of the Free Range Texan project, and Episode 49 is no exception.  Enjoy!

Free Range Texan Episode 49


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