Recorded Sasquatch Audio


Glen Gerard was very clear when I interviewed him.  He is not a Sasquatch hunter.  Instead it would be more correct to label him as one who has for over a decade been heavily involved in studying the habits of Texas’ Big Foot creatures.  We here at Free Range Texan have spent enough time with Glen to consider him a reliable and trusted source of information.

This week, I received an e-mail from Glen that contained a remarkable recording.  When it comes to Big Foot evidence, we are always looking for clearer pictures and more distinct recorded sounds.  This recording occurred in the forest north of Houston, Texas.  Turn up your speakers.

As always, we wish it was clearer and more distinct.  But nonetheless, you can hear three distinct Sasquatch whoops.  We feel certain that Glen Gerard has enough experience to recognize actual Sasquatch communicative sounds, and he and the people with him at the time are in complete agreement.  They captured actual Big Foot sounds.

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