Roger Dykes – A Certain Kind of Hero


By Episode 3 we were still experimenting with our format, not to mention our remote digital recording gear, when we suddenly realized that a Hero was living right in front of us.  While I have known Roger since I was a young teenage radio announcer, and he owned and ran the best record store in the county, I feel as though I have for decades taken him for granted.

While he has lived his entire life with cerebral-palsy, his mind, his heart and his personality seemed to make ones brain overlook that he was confined to a wheelchair.  I am proud to say that he is my friend, and his Roger Dykesaccomplishments are to say the least impressive.  He occupies the lead position in our “Heroes and Heroines File”.

A longer more detailed version of the interview is available on the Free Range Texan YouTube Channel.  He still is working on behalf of cerebral-palsy sufferers throughout the United States.  As always, if you wish to communicate with Roger you’re welcome to contact him through

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