Stan Troy Has Been Walking on Holy Ground

Michael Shawn
Michael Shawn

The concept of promoting a video on a podcast is not one that has been embraced by the podcast community.  The Free Range Texan network, however, combines its resources to bring you Stan Troy’s new video on our Free Range Texan YouTube Channel.  At the same time, Stan has pleased our producers by making his video entitled, “Holy Ground”, available for what is nothing less than a podcast premier as a guest on our program rolling out the evening of June 20th.

FStan Troy’s recently released album from 2018, DeLux Cafe, featured a song titled, “Holy Ground”.  Few people realized at first that he wrote the song about the ranch that he and his wife, Vicky, live on.  It is a remarkable place.

We have been waiting for the release of Stan’s “Holy Ground” video so that he could be a guest back on our podcast.  Stan Troy is one of the best examples of not only a traditional Texas Hill Country singer – songwriter, but make no mistake about it, beyond that he is a great friend and one of the best examples of a “Free Range Texan.”

Free Range Talent Stan TroyWelcome back Stan!  You’ve always got a home here on the Free Range Texan Podcast.

Episode 22 Free Range Texan Podcast Stan TroyStan Troy’s DeLux Cafe album is available in our Free Range Texan House of Treasures.  Additionally, below we’re anxious for you to get a sneak peak of Stan’s new video “Holy Ground”.

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