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Our Free Range Texan Podcast is growing by leaps and bounds.  It is, however, a mixed blessing.  Our production staff and behind the scenes crew, not to mention the resources and creative services of A-Team PR, continually get stretched thin with a growing number of details.  They tell me these are the type of problems that people in our business get down on their knees and pray for.  Well, consider our prayers answered!  We are thankful.  But find ourselves looking at a growing number of complications that we struggle to keep simple for everyone (including our staff).

Anyone who produces a podcast will tell you that one of the major challenges is to maintain a continual flow of “content”.  We are so grateful to so many of you who have shared information and great stories with our Free Range Texan podcast.  And in case there were any questions about how to plug in with almost any portion of our production team, we have narrowed it all down to one door, making it simple and quick, and assigned reliable Free Range Texans to pay attention and help us stay responsive.  Thanks a million y’all.  We like it when our listeners step up.

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