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Michael Shawn
Michael Shawn

Most of you will be expecting an article about Episode 38’s special guest Kristyn Harris … and so it is.  But I mentioned on the Podcast that we would share some details on this blog about what happened behind the scenes getting Kristyn Harris’ interview recorded for our Podcast.

Please understand that I have done interviews for broadcast since I was 13 years old … that was 53 years ago when I started in broadcasting.  I only mention this now to try to get our readers to understand that what happened while attempting to obtain an interview with Kristyn Harris has never happened to me … ever … not even once!  And, everything that happened was our (Free Range Texan) fault.  Let me explain.

Free Range Talent File Kristyn HarrisOur standard set-up for interviews … either live in the studio, mobile recorder, or telephone … happens when we set up an appointment with the artist or the artist’s management, while requesting publicity photographs for our blog and/or advance publicity for the upcoming Podcast episode.  I was able to talk with Kristyn directly, to explain to her what we had in mind and set up a production date for the interview (by phone).  In her usual delightful, professional manner, she agreed and the date was set.

In the studio I arranged for all the right equipment to be hooked up properly and Kristyn arranged to be in a somewhat quiet place so that we could visit for our interview.  I called her at the appointed time.  She was near McKinney, Texas, and I was out yonder in West Texas where our studio was experiencing one of those made to order West Texas dust storms.

Kristyn HarrisI had a delightful interview with Kristyn, and really enjoyed talking with her and knew I had some golden material to edit a great interview for our Podcast.  Usually I speak with the artist on the phone briefly afterwards to thank them for being our guest.  But I had no sooner completed the interview than we experienced a brief three or four second power failure at our studio …  shutting down our computers and the digital recording that I had just made with Kristyn.  She’s still on the phone, and I’m looking at a blank computer screen!  Words do not easily express my level of frustration at that moment.   But worse than that, I needed to immediately apologize to Kristyn, tell her that I had just lost her interview, as it was not yet saved, and I wondered if she would be willing to repeat the time to visit with us again.

Kristyn HarrisShe told me in a very kind way that she would be pleased to do it again, but did not have time to do it at the present time.  We set another interview for a couple of days later.  I called her, she was kind and cheerful, and we did the interview again.  An unedited interview for our podcast can take 20 minutes or more.  She did it all again, she answered the same questions over again, acted spontaneous and surprised, and even laughed at my jokes.  The whole time I was thinking what a great young lady this is, I am so glad we have her on our podcast.  I finished the interview with Kristyn, turned to my computer screen to immediately save it, and embarrassingly I looked at a black computer screen with no recording.  I didn’t know what to say.  Most any entertainer that I have ever worked with professionally, clearly would have every right to cancel the interview, and walk away.

Kristyn HarrisBut here’s the reason for this story.  After fumbling for words and admitting that the whole thing was our fault, Kristyn Harris said to me, “That’s OK Michael, I have plenty of challenges with my electronic equipment” and with a smile in her voice, she assured me that the whole deal was no problem, and generously said “We’ll just do it again.”  Honestly folks, I was ready to cry.  Not because of our electronic fowl-ups, but because on the other end of my phone line, was a young lady of remarkable character, and the type of grateful and positive attitude that is hard to find in this business in this day and time.

Kristyn HarrisFirst, I would like to say hats off to Kristyn Harris’ parents … clearly she’s been raised right.  She is a beautiful young lady, inside and out.  She writes and records great music!  And … wow … can she sing!!  My prayer for her is that she finds an agent that is worthy of her skill and the heart that beats in her Western Swing music.  She is the real and complete package.  We are proud to have her as our guest on the Free Range Texan Podcast, Episode 38 … rolling out Thursday evening, January 30, 2020.  Any, yes, Kristyn … I still can’t get “What A Horse’s Gotta Do” out of my head.  Thank you for being you.

Free Range Texan Podcast Episode 38 Kristyn Harris


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