Three to Four Million People in the Johannesburg, South African Area Can’t be All Wrong

Michael Shawn
Michael Shawn

The one thing that most of them have in common is appreciating the talent of Joanne Cooper.  If you have a file in your mind for artists such as Judy Collins, John Denver, and Joan Baez, make room for another file entitled the recordings of Joanne Cooper.

We spoke with her for a time, but it was one of those interviews that after enjoying my visit with her immensely, I also was left with the nagging feeling that we had not even begun to scratch the surface on the talents and writings of this artist.  I will share this though, she is a delightful interview, and would be a perfect guest for a Saturday evening dinner party at your home.

Free Range Talent File Joanne CooperI first became aware of Joanne Cooper through an old friend, John Sanders, who owns Deep Creek Sound nearby here in West Texas.  John shared with me about this female recording artist he had discovered in South Africa, and thought that she would make a great guest on our Free Range Texan Podcast.  I figured it was a long shot.  The time differences alone created some challenges.  But some artists are easier than others to work with, and Joanne Cooper seemed happy to make herself immediately available to our podcast.

Free Range Talent File Joanne CooperLike all of the guests that we interviewed, we first do our homework, and the more we found out, the more remarkable we realized this talented singer, songwriter from South Africa really was.  While everyone in that part of the world seemed to know here name, she as yet has been flying under our radar, but no more.

Free Range Talent File Joanne CooperOne of the great things about working on the Free Range Texan Podcast is that we are not beholding to a bunch of network affiliates, record promoters and producers, or broadcast conglomerates.  Instead we are privately owned and produced, and can step quickly outside the box doing interviews like Joanne Cooper.

Free Range Talent File Episode 19 Joanne CooperJust FYI, some of her offerings include her music  and her on-line courses.  Joanne Cooper’s interview and other good Free Range Texan stuff can easily be accessed on Episode 19 of our Free Range Texan Podcast.  Enjoy!  Menu

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