Tim McKenzie’s Day Job Has Gotten Interesting

Michael Shawn
Michael Shawn

Tim McKenzie is a friend of mine.  We have been acquainted for more years than either one of us like to talk about.  There’s one thing I can point out that has been a constant since I have known him.  Tim is a nice guy, and my conversations with Tim McKenzie are always relaxed and honest.

Tim McKenzie's Baxter Barret BrownAll of the above is why I wanted to ask him about his day job.  While Tim is widely known for his music and his children’s books, friends and family that know him well know that he has spent at least three decades doing specialized work in the oil fields of West Texas.  Like most working musicians in our area (West Texas), even though he works as an entertainer regularly on dozens of venues, he maintains a career in the petroleum industry to fill in the lean spots in the entertainment world such as during a global pandemic.

Free Range Talent File Tim McKenzieTim McKenzie was kind enough to allow me to ask a number of questions about the effects of COVID 19 on one of the largest oil fields in the world.  His answers were frank and personal, and like so many others, his concerns about his future in the industry where he has spent a lifetime learning his craft are real and valid.

Thank you Tim McKenzie for sharing a very personal side of your life on our Free Range Texan Podcast.  We hold you and so many others like you in our hearts and prayers, and we appreciate your courage to speak openly with our listeners.

Free Range Texan Podcast Episode 44

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