Up Close and Personal With Casey Baker

Michael Shawn
Michael Shawn

Our visit with Casey Baker was delightful.   She quickly steps outside the box that contains all the blond jokes, because after speaking with her for awhile you become aware that she is smarter than the average bear.  Yes, she is a great talent and attractive to look at, but once you get past all the obvious, she has a story that contains rich life experiences.

Free Range Talent File Casey BakerJust the fact alone that she has raised a teenager does tend to bring a certain amount of polish to ones common sense toward dealing with everyday life.  Her recording industry connections are solid.  Those connections manifest themselves in some powerful music that Casey Baker writes, performs and records.  She is the complete package.

Free Range Talent File Casey BakerIt is easy for us to say that she is definitely a talent worth keeping an eye on for her future recordings and show dates, as she is the genuine article.  We at the Free Range Texan urge you to get through the door of any venue where she would be performing on stage.  It will be a worthwhile evening.

Free Range Talent File Casey BakerCasey Baker is our special guest on the Free Range Texan Podcast, located in our Free Range Talent File portion of our show.  Episode 33 is rich with her talent as she sings her latest release, “Life Has Taken Its Toll On Me.”  (And if it has, it doesn’t show.)

Free Range Texan Episode 33

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